SACHA on Parliament Hill Today


IMAG0283Lenore Lukasik-Foss, SACHA’s Director and President of the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres will be speaking to the Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities about Bill c-591.

This is a bill to amend the Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security Act would not allow a victim’s benefits be paid to the person who has been convicted of their murder.

Here’s more information on the amendment –

Good afternoon Honourable Members, staff and guests. Thank you for the opportunity to address the committee on Bill c-591. Today I am speaking on behalf of the Sexual Assault Centre (Hamilton and Area) and the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres – also known as the OCRCC. OCRCC is network of 26 sexual assault centres from across Ontario. We offer counselling, information and support services to survivors of recent and historical sexual assault. Continue reading

HFZF Interviews with Zinesters – Lisa Baird


Lisa's zinesTell us a little about yourself and your zine/project/distro.

I am very very new to thinking of myself as a zinester. Zinesters have always seemed inaccessibly cool to me. So I’m just a performance poet who’s venturing into the world of zines. And I don’t really have a distro. What I have is a humble pile of zines inspired by Guelph Zine Club on a wide variety of topics. Continue reading

HFZF Interviews with Zinesters – Elvis


Tell us a little about yourself and your zine/project/distro.

Howdy, my name is Elvis and I make a comics zine called “Homos in Herstory.” It’s an exploration of our mysterious queer past, through comix! Lots of historical funfacts are involved. Each zine covers a decade of (United States) queer history, and so far I’ve done the 1920’s, 1950’s, 1970’s, and a mini 1980’s edition.

How did you start making zines? Who/what influenced you?

I love zines! I get excited about exploring ideas on the page, and I really love how zines aren’t polished, but can be anything. Always inspired by the creative & supportive community of zinesters, and also folks like Sarah Sawyers-Lovett (Tazewell’s Favorite Eccentric), the folks at HOAX zine, etc! Continue reading

HFZF Interview with Zinsters – Static Cloud

static zine scary profile

Hamilton Feminist Zine Fair celebrates and creates spaces for marginalized groups to have discussions about feminism through do-it-yourself publishing.

When: Saturday, November 15th from 10am to 5pm
Where: YWCA Hamilton – 75 MacNab Street South, Hamilton ON
Accessibility: The space is physically accessible, including washrooms. Here’s some more information about safe(r) spaces at HFZF.

To get folks excited about the fair, we’re interviewing zinesters who will be tabling.  We’re starting our by chatting with Jessica from Static Cloud!

static zine scary profile

Static Cloud’s editors Jessica, Aviva and Melody

Tell us a little about yourself and your zine/project/distro. Continue reading

Take Back the Night Awards!


We celebrated our 33rd Take Back the Night in Hamilton on Thursday, September 18th at Hamilton City Hall.

Women and kids brought their energy and spirit to remind our community that sexual violence is still an issue.

Thanks to United Trophy we had some FABULOUS awards to give out.


Best Sign

First place – Charlie Smith’s “Are you indifferent?”

Honorable Mention – Briar Latam’s “Sisterhood Solidarity”

DSCF1167Honorable Mention – Debbie’s human sign

Most Inclusive Display

First Prize - The Well LGBTQ Community Wellness Centre

DSCF1146Honorable Mention – PATH Employment

Most Spirit

First Prize - Centre de santé communautaire Hamilton/Niagara


Honorable Mention – CUPE 5167

Honorable Mention – Flamingo Mutiny Brigade

Yay for feminist teens!



We need more spaces like this for young feminists to get together, share ideas and break isolation!

Originally posted on Can You Relate?:

I spend my life working on women’s rights, so when I heard my daughters talking about the Feminist Union club at their high school I couldn’t wait to hear more!  What on earth was this? Their answers filled me with joy! Sixty-six people showed up (about 1/3 young men)—the room was overflowing into the hallway.TIWAFLL-Shirt

The first meeting was action-packed. They all answered the question: “What is the first word you think of when you hear the word feminism or feminist?” My girls said “It was actually kind of fun,” and a chorus of “Ooooh, that is hella deep” spontaneously erupted over and over again. Then they watched 50 reasons why I am a Feminist and shared their own similar experiences.

Future topics were suggested ranging from what feminism looks like in other societies to misconceptions about feminism and domestic violence. Ground rules were covered and they all agreed: you…

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Sisters in Spirit Flag Raising and Vigil


And every time another one of us is shunned,
every time another one of us is gunned down,
the Earth cries out in pain
having to erase another name.
And every time our self-esteem’s depleted
every time another one of us is beaten,
We have to say a prayer….
And hope another man not dare.

– From the song “Standing Strong” by Tamara Podemski

Government statistics in Canada show that Aboriginal women are 5 times more likely to die as a result of violence than other women. In 2004 The Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) launched the Sisters in Spirit Campaign to bring this shocking fact to the attention of Canadians.

The Sisters in Spirit Action Committee, Hamilton was formed in April 2005 to support these initiatives. Current membership includes several dedicated people from the community as well as representatives from: Amnesty International Canada, De dwa da dehs nye>s Aboriginal Health Centre, Native Women’s Centre, Hamilton Regional Indian Centre, Hamilton Community Legal Clinic, Hamilton Police Service, Correctional Service Canada, Ontario Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Strategy, and SACHA - Sexual Assault Centre (Hamilton & Area).

Our purpose is to draw public attention and education to the pervasive problem of violence against Aboriginal women across Canada, while we honour and remember our Sisters in Spirit. We as an action committee also support any official inquiry, round table or commission that will assist the resolution of this crisis.

The Sisters in Spirit Action Committee Hamilton invite you to participate in our upcoming community events to honour our 1200 Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women, girls, and trans people across Canada.

SIS 2014 FINALFlag Raising at City Hall
Wednesday October 1, 2014 at 12:00 – 1:15pm
71 Main St. W Hamilton

Candlelight Vigil, Water Ceremony & Community Dinner at Honouring the Circle
October 4, 2014 at 5:00 pm
21 Rosendene Ave. Hamilton

Come and gather to show we are a united front. Each vigil is a beacon of hope and strength! Help us honour restore the memory of our loved ones; our sisters, our daughters, our mothers, our aunties, our grandmothers, and their families.


For more information please visit or contact us on:
Facebook at Sisters in Spirit: Hamilton Chapter
Twitter @sisters_spirit

More information: