Welcome Miranda!



The wait is over! We are thrilled to welcome Miranda to SACHA as Public Education Coordinator:

Miranda Jurilj recently graduated from the University of Toronto with a double major in Exceptionality in Human Learning (Psychology) and Sociology. While at university, Miranda was active in organizing and community building within various communities including Two-Spirit and LGBTQ+, disabled, survivors of trauma, and women. Since being back in Hamilton, Miranda has been involved in food justice and mental health and disability advocacy. Miranda values community care, action, empowerment, and knowledge sharing as tools to fight oppression. Miranda’s long-term goal is to obtain a Master’s Degree and become a trauma-informed counsellor. Miranda is a poet, feminist organizer, cook, and cat mom who is always excited to meet new people and talk about just about anything!


Please help us in welcoming Miranda to SACHA! Miranda can be reached for presentations, trainings, workshops, consultations etc..via email: pubed@sacha.ca

Job Posting – Public Education Program Coordinator




JOB POSTING – Contract Position

Coordinator – Public Education Program

Sexual Assault Centre (Hamilton and Area)

$28.15 per hour + benefits, 28 hours per week, 9-month contract

Please Circulate/Post

The Sexual Assault Centre (Hamilton & Area) –SACHA, seeks a woman- identified or non-binary person to fill the position of part-time, contract Public Education Coordinator.

Overall Responsibilities:

  • Maintain an education program that is consistent with the SACHA’s vision, mission, polices and program guidelines.
  • Strive towards representation of and responsiveness to the needs of Hamilton’s diverse communities
  • Provide presentation, workshops, trainings and interviews that meet program goals and objectives
  • Outreach to the community to expand program opportunities
  • In conjunction with the Crisis/Support Program Coordinator, share facilitation of volunteer training sessions
  • Coordinate the annual Take Back the Night event
  • Manage all educational resources
  • Manage SACHA’s social media platforms
  • Represent SACHA on select community committees if required
  • In conjunction with the Director, manage SACHA’s media relations
  • Assist with the maintenance of social and print media
  • Assist with the maintenance of the SACHA website


The Successful Candidate will possess the following qualifications and skills:

  • Experience providing presentations/workshops to diverse populations;
  • Experience working with staff, community partners and service users from diverse and marginalized communities;
  • A strong understanding of sexual violence from an intersectional feminist, anti-racist, anti-oppressive perspective
  • Experience working with trauma informed, resiliency and strength based approaches
  • Knowledge of appropriate community resources in the Hamilton area
  • A strong understanding of community building and engagement with equity seeking groups.
  • Relevant College and/or University degree or applicable experience
  • High level of computer/technology competency;
  • Knowledge of graphics software such as Adobe Illustrator is an asset
  • Strong interpersonal, communication (oral and written), team-building and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Rotating weekend and evening on-call availability for crisis support line
  • Evening availability
  • Willingness to flex time as required
  • Valid driver’s license and access to a vehicle is required

Ability to speak a second language in addition to English is a definite asset.

Please send a cover letter and resume by Friday, November 22, 2019 at 4pm. 

SACHA Hiring Committee
3rd Floor – 75 MacNab Street South Hamilton, Ontario
L8P 3C1

No phone calls/email inquiries please


We thank all applicants in advance. Only those selected for interviews will be contacted.

As part of SACHA’s work against racism and other oppressions, we strive to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. Woman identified and non-binary persons, who are Indigenous, immigrant, refugee, lesbian, bi-sexual, 2 Spirit, queer, racialized, with disAbilities, and/or who experience any other oppressions are encouraged to apply.

Welcome to SACHA, Sadie!



As this year’s Chocolate Fest fundraising coordinator, Sadie brings experience to this position with years of community development and fundraising success.

Named one of PR in Canada’s Top 30 Under 30 professionals, Sadie understands the importance of networking, collaboration, and community support.

When she’s not doing paid work, you can find Sadie volunteering her time in the mental health field through her work with happy place (IG@happyplacehamilton) or with other community organizations offering mental health services.

“Working with SACHA is an opportunity for me to serve my community by applying my education and experience – along with teaming up with amazing volunteers and community partners – to put on an amazing event that will benefit so many!”


SACHA’s Welcomes Amy!


Amy is joining SACHA’s staff after becoming a Support Line volunteer in 2014. Amy has over ten years hustling in hospitality and comes back to SACHA after working as Centre de santé communautaire Hamilton/Niagara’s Transition Housing Support Worker.

What is your secret skill?
My secret skill is that I’m really good at Sudoku.

What stood out for you your first week at SACHA as a counsellor?
The thing that most stood out to me my first week at SACHA was how welcoming the staff were. How considerate it was and continues to be in terms of support. SACHA doesn’t just have an anti-racism/anti-oppression policy, but enforces it.

What do you want someone who’s calling or coming to SACHA for the first time to know?
De-mystifying counselling is quite challenging as many people have had oppressive experiences, including myself. It’s important to acknowledge people’s experiences and let them set their own counselling goals. Counselling takes a lot of work not just inside the session but outside as well. Counselling can look very different from one person to the next and it’s important to know that just because one counsellor isn’t a good fit doesn’t mean that another will not be.

What’s one thing you do to take care?
If I’m feeling a little down something I like to google is unlikely animals cuddling.

Crickett Says Goodbye for a While


Dear Hamilton,

I am moving to Dawson City, Yukon for a year to work at the Dawson Women’s Shelter. I will miss you so much.

I will be one of two full time workers at the four-bed shelter. My job as Program Coordinator will be very similar to my work at SACHA: workshops, trainings, frontline support, events, media, community collaboration – y’know, the usual work of ending colonialist heteropatriarchy and replacing it with a culture based on consent, equity, and empathy. I look forward to working closely with the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in nation and the close-knit community in Dawson City. Continue reading

An Open Letter to Survivors of Sexual Violence and Community Members who attend Take Back the Night


This year, Take Back the Night, has become a conversation about policing in Hamilton. For this, we deeply apologize. Months of intentional planning, community building and creativity has gone into making this evening one of Joyful Revolution. With integrity and a determination to find justice amongst the cement terrain, we set forward to provide an evening in which we could gather, rally and march to assert ourselves as the powerful people that we are. 

After weeks of controversy and confusion, we want to set things straight. Our responsibility is to the community first, and foremost. So, please read further to learn about SACHA’s decision not to lead a march through the streets of Hamilton and our next steps.

Our radical imagination is a tool for decolonization, for reclaiming our right to shape our lived reality. — Adrienne Maree Brown

What has informed our decision

Dish With One Spoon teachings
This intelligent design is a core part of our organizing as we seek transformative justice for participants of Take Back the Night. The Dish With One Spoon teaches us three core principles: peace, respect and friendship.  These wampum agreements are living documents, not only matter for land acknowledgments. The real work comes when we live the agreements in practice. 

SACHA’s Mission, Vision and Values

SACHA envisions a world free of violence and oppression.


SACHA is a feminist, non-profit, community-based organization that provides supports to people who have experienced sexualized violence at any point in their lives.  We work to end violence and oppression through education, advocacy, outreach, coalition building, community partnerships, and activism.


SACHA will challenge social and political structures and systems that contribute to the experience of violence, oppression, and exploitation of all people.

Experiences of Survivors of Sexual Violence and Envisioning a New Future

Every year, Take Back the Night attendees provide feedback that having police at TBTN means that can’t participate. We understand that some folks have good experiences with the police but that is overwhelmingly not the case in Hamilton. Less than 10% of survivors report their experience to the police

We believe survivors. We respect the community voices that have responded since our announcement not to march. A better world is possible.

Within the parameters of the non profit world, we attempt to navigate the spaces for impactful advocacy in Hamilton, Ontario, we envision a world without oppression, and we work towards Joyful Revolution Always. These visions become reality with continued determination, community building and decolonization of our hearts and minds. Within this same parameters of the non profit world, SACHA also acknowledges barriers in our ability to lead this work.  Continue reading

TBTN To Include Celebration, Joyful Resistance, and No March


“We are what we imagine. Our very existence  consists in our imagination of ourselves. Our best destiny is to imagine, at least, completely who  and what, and that we are.”  – Scott Momaday

This year, the Take Back the Night Committee has decided not to march. This decision was difficult and it was one that catapulted conversations amongst ourselves. Since our first meetings, safety has been a prominent topic at our table. Carefully, we have considered the implications of hosting a march and have written this to explain our decision making process. 

SACHA has organized Take Back the Night for 38 monumental years in Hamilton. Over this time, like anything else, change has happened. Not only within the organization but within the tapestry of our society. That’s what makes this yearly event so important. It’s a consistent tradition in Hamilton that celebrates continued community building through food and friendships, and the revelry rooted in reclamation and joy.  Continue reading

Job Posting: Diverse Communities Outreach Coordinator


SACHA is seeking a woman or non-binary person to fill the position of permanent, full-time Diverse Communities Outreach Program Coordinator.

Overall Responsibilities:

  • To develop, implement and maintain a diverse communities outreach program that is consistent with the SACHA’s vision, mission, policies and program guidelines.
  • Strive toward representation of and responsiveness to the needs of Hamilton’s diverse communities, in particular women who are immigrant, refugee and/or members of racialized communities.

Continue reading

Goodbye and Thank You Emily


I have had the immense privilege of working at SACHA as a counsellor for the past year and a half.


SACHA is my favourite work-home in the world. I accidentally found out about volunteering here in 2014 and it changed my life completely. A lot of the injustice in the world hadn’t made a lot of sense to me because I did not have a sufficient analysis of power and how it works in this cis-normative patriarchal white settler capitalist society.

Thanks to the incredible teaching of Miriam, the volunteer co-facilitators and my fellow volunteers, I learned more about why things are the way they are, as well as how they could look, if we were to make significant change. Continue reading

McMaster Pushes Out SACHA from Welcome Week Training


SACHA is sad and frustrated that we have not been invited back to train McMaster University Welcome Week reps this August.

Since 2014, SACHA has led trainings for McMaster University Welcome Week reps. We take pride in our trainings’ focus on how to take everyday actions to end rape culture and create a culture of consent on campus year-round.

In July, we were told that SACHA facilitators are no longer needed and that McMaster staff will offer their own education instead.

For  SACHA, this means the loss of a $9000 contract that will have an impact on our budget. It is also a loss for the McMaster community as it means that the over 1000 faculty and residence Welcome Week reps – whose role is to support first year students during Welcome Week – will  not have an opportunity to learn from subject matter experts or learn more about community based resources and practice.

SACHA is not fighting for a spot back at the Welcome Week table. Welcome Week reps will undoubtedly miss out on SACHA’s survivor-centered approach to prevention education. We’re excited about the possibilities of new relationships that this extra time gives SACHA. Partnerships and collaboration are essential to ending sexual violence and a core value of SACHA’s. We can’t do this work on our own and neither can other institutions. Continue reading