Where Do You Draw The Line?


Across Ontario today folks are taking action to educate and inspire action to end sexual violence.

Check out the Ontario-wide campaign Draw The Line.

In Hamilton we took to the streets with chalk in hand:

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To learn more about SACHA’s work supporting survivors and working to end sexual violence visit www.sacha.ca.

Survivors and their supporters can call SACHA’s Support Line 24 hours a day — 905.525.4162.

May is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

International Day Against Homophobia


May 17th is the International Day Against Homophobia.

Here’s some quick links about how we can all word towards a world that is safer and more just for lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, questioning and trans folks:

The UN Human Rights Office made a video – The Riddle:

In Hamilton, The Well will be having an event to mark the International Day Against Homophobia on Tuesday, May 21st.  Click here for more information.

Why Floors?


Believe me, we really struggled before asking you to part with your money to purchase new floors at SACHA. Really, really struggled.

We knew some folks might wonder why SACHA would ask for money for new floors and not for running programs for survivors. I could hear it in my head:
“Why would they waste their money on floors?”
“Isn’t this money better spent on services?”
“This is wasteful! – why don’t you just clean the carpets?”
“Why does it cost so much?”

It’s true…for many, many years SACHA has not purchased these kinds of larger “capital” items and we have NEVER asked donors to fund this kind of item.

In fact, it took us many years to decide to spend $10, 000 for our recently installed phone system  – even though we had staff who didn’t have phones in their offices.  Even then, we only decided to act when we got a grant from Rotary Hamilton AM for new phones – thanks Rotary!

Any extra money SACHA has we spend on programming and related supplies like bus tickets, food, child minding, pens/makers, etc.  We just don’t tend to have money left over to take care of our space.  Over the years, we have consistently chosen to increase/augment services, instead of making our space more welcoming and functional – and it shows.

SACHA floors became an increasing source of embarrassment for us (and we have shampooed and shampooed the carpets – some stains from 15 years of heavy use just will not come out). Every time I let a new service user into the SACHA space I would want to apologize for the giant stain on the floor or the ripped carpet in the office or the smell from the latest water leakage.  Anyone who has visited SACHA knows our office space is not grand; but our old, ripped carpets made it plain gross.

The break in the carpet

We believe survivors of violence need a safe, welcoming and not gross space to come for counselling and support.  It was time to act.

At the end of March we realized we had some unexpected funds available and decided to begin making SACHA space more respectful.  We did our research, met with contractors and learned way more about flooring than you can imagine.  In the end we choose a non-fancy, waterproof, sturdy (and lovely) floor covering.  Unfortunately, we did not have enough to cover the cost of replacing all the carpets.  So…we choose the worst spaces first and decided to keep trying to find the money.

That’s where you come in.  Please consider making a small (or large) donation to SACHA’s flooring fund.  Help us reach our goal of $15,000!

If you have any questions about SACHA’s new floor campaign, please feel free to contact the me at 905 525-4573, extension 223.

— Lenore, Director at SACHA

What Folks Have Told Us About the New Flooring


At SACHA we’re busy raising money to replace old worn stained carpeting in our centre.

We were able to get enough money to put in new flooring in the waiting room, the hallway and three offices but we still have $15 000 worth of work to do.


The parts of our centre that have new flooring look clean, bright and amazing.

Here’s what folks using SACHA’s services have let us know…

“It’s BEAUTIFUL! It makes the place look so much bigger!”

“This is amazing, it looks so much brighter in here!”

“What a difference.”

“This is a lot better than that old carpet. Looks great!”

“Wow! New floors. Love it.”

“This floor makes this room look bigger and cleaner.”

“What did you do in here? It’s amazing!”

“What happened to you office? They should do the whole place. It’s a lot better like this.”

The break in the carpet

Are You In?
Help SACHA to have a more beautiful welcoming space for survivors of sexual violence by making a donation to help us get new flooring.

You can donate lots of different ways:

  • Online at Canada Helps
  • Calling SACHA during business hours and using your Visa or MasterCard – 905.525.4573
  • Mailing a cheque to SACHA
  • Stop by SACHA’s office to drop off a donation

UPDATE! Help Replace SACHA’s Old Worn Carpets


Thanks to absolutely amazing support we have raised $793.84 so far!

We still have a long way to go to the $15 000 we need to replace SACHA’s old worn stained carpeting.

Please help us make SACHA’s space more beautiful and welcoming by donating now.

It is hard to get an idea of exactly how amazing the parts of the centre that have been re-floored look.  We really regret not taking before and after pictures.

Also, the photos of the rooms that are still carpeted don’t really show how not awesome it is.  Here are some photos of Htee and Maria’s offices to give you an idea of what the carpet looks like…

Maria's office

Maria’s office

The break in the carpet

The break in the carpet


Htee’s wrinkly carpet

We truly appreciate all the support that we have received so far.

If you have not donated yet, please don’t wait!

May is Sexual Assault Awareness Month



Hamilton has a lot going on for Sexual Assault Awareness Month this year!

Rhythms of Resistance Drumming WorkshopImage

When: Sunday, May 5th from 11am to 4pm
Where: 75 MacNab Street South, Hamilton

Cost: $10-$30 sliding scale.  All the funds will go towards the travel costs of the facilitators with any extra funds raised going to support SACHA’s amazing programs supporting survivors of sexual assault and abuse.  Please pay what you can afford.  There are free spots available for folks who cannot afford to pay to register.  Please contact Erin at erin@sacha.ca or 905.525.4573 to reserve a free spot at this workshop.
RSVP: Online or by calling 905.525.4573 by Friday.

Presented by SACHA.


Fierce. Fabulous. Feminist.
……a loud rock show of women-identified/gender non-conforming folks……

When: Thursday, May 30th – Doors at 9pm.  Bands at 9:30pm.
Where: Homegrown Hamilton – 27 King William Street, Hamilton

Unfinished Business – pre teen punk rock from Toronto
Matt Damon – qtpoc punk rock from Guelph
Dark Breakfast – Inspired by Mervyn Peake’s *Gormenghast* series, Dark Breakfast play the brutal sounds of tragedy and garbage in the shadows of fallen authority. From Hamilton/Guelph.

Cost: $10 Pay What You Can. NO ONE TURNED AWAY!
Accessibility: Homegrown Hamilton’s space is accessible but the washrooms are a bit small.
All genders and ages are invited to come and get their loud dance on.

Presented by SACHA (www.sacha.ca) as a FUNdraiser for their work supporting survivors of sexual assault and ending violence and oppression.


Violence, Victimization and Trauma: The Complexity of Trauma Response – Dr. Lori Haskell

When: Friday, May 24th, 9am
Where: Honouring the Circle — 21 Rosedene Avenue, Hamilton
Cost: $50 — Includes lunch and snacks
RSVP: Online – http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/373457

A trauma-informed approach is increasingly becoming recognized as essential for working effectively with women who have experienced prolonged or repeated exposures to violence, abuse and neglect.

For service providers working with trauma survivors and hoping to form a therapeutic appliance, it is necessary to understand the relational schemas associated with trauma.

Dr. Lori Haskell is a clinical psychologist in private practice, whose work has been dedicated to working on issues of violence against women and children. She has worked for the last twenty years with women who were sexual abuse survivors. She has conducted research on the prevalence of sexual violence in women’s lives and on such topics as anti-violence education and intimate femicide. Dr. Haskell is an Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto.

Presented by the Woman Abuse Working Group.


Draw The Line

Across Ontario folks will be holding events to highlight the Draw the Line Campaign.  Check SACHA’s Facebook profile and Twitter account for more conversation about where you draw the line.


Help SACHA to Have a Beautiful Welcoming Space for Survivors
Flooring Ask 2013

For the month of May SACHA will be reaching out to the community for help replacing our old, worn, stained carpeting.  You can help to make SACHA’s space a more welcoming brighter beautiful space for survivors by donating!

Help SACHA to Have a Beautiful Welcoming Space for Survivors


Have You Heard?
SACHA needs new floors.  The carpets that we have are worn, stained and very old.

The old, stained and worn carpeting in Htee's office.

The old, stained and worn carpeting in Htee’s office.

The Good News!
We found enough money to replace the carpets with new flooring in the waiting room, hallway, and three of the offices.  It looks absolutely FABULOUS!


SACHA’s fabulous new waiting room!

SACHA’s main hallway. Now featuring brand new flooring.

The Bad News.
To complete the job would cost about $15 000 which we currently don’t have.

Even More Good News!
It is totally possible to raise the amount that we need with your help.  If each of SACHA’s Facebook friends were to give $12.17, we would have enough to buy the flooring and install it.

Flooring Ask 2013

Are You In?
Help SACHA to have a more beautiful welcoming space for survivors of sexual violence by making a donation to help us get new flooring.

You can donate lots of different ways:

  • Online at Canada Helps
  • Calling SACHA during business hours and using your Visa or MasterCard – 905.525.4573
  • Mailing a cheque to SACHA
  • Stop by SACHA’s office to drop off a donation

We will be asking people to donate money to go towards new flooring at SACHA the entire month of May.  Please let your friends know how we could use their support!