UnSlut Project is Making a Documentary!


“Maybe you just want to live in a world where female sexuality isn’t seen as dirty or immoral or wrong.”

The UnSlut Project publishes Emily Lindin’s diary entries from her sixth grade year, the year that she was labeled a slut.  Read Lisa’s post about the UnSlut Project here.

Folks at the UnSlut Project want to make a documentary about slut shaming and have launched a Kickstater campaign to raise funds.

From their campaign site:

“Slut: A Documentary Film” will feature the stories of girls who were driven to suicide by sexual bullying, interviews with women who have experienced the effects of slut shaming in their own lives, and the opinions of media figures, sexologists, psychologists, and other experts. This film will demonstrate the extent of this issue in our schools, communities, media, and culture – and explore the steps we can all take to work toward change right here in the United States and Canada. Please spread the word and help us make this important film by donating whatever you can, and check back for updates!

We are very excited that SACHA has been asked to participate in the documentary!  Check out all of the other amazing interviews that they have line up here.

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