SACHA’s waiting list is too long. If you call SACHA today you might have to wait three months to start counselling.* We want for there to be no wait at all.

We want to run more Multicultural Women’s Sewing Circles.

We want to respond more quickly to workshop requests.

We want to do more prevention education.

We want to offer more training to helping professionals so they can better respond to disclosures.

We want to do more to end sexual violence and we need your help to do it.

Donate to SACHA today to make a difference.


There are so many ways to support survivors and end sexual violence, donating to SACHA is just one of them.

Imagine a day dedicated to giving back … around the world, across Canada and in your own community! Just as Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season, GivingTuesday is the opening day of the giving season.



*We do offer folks an immediate support appointment when they first call us. We know that having a waitlist keeps survivors from calling us.

A Time to Remember, a Time to Change


On December 6th, 1989, fourteen young women were separated from their male classmates and murdered with a semi-automatic rifle by one man at ecole ploytechnique in what became known nationwide as the Montreal Massacre.

2005-03-14 at 15-15-29

25 years have passed since a group of dedicated women from the Women’s Centre of Hamilton first placed the commemorative rock at Hamilton City Hall in honour of these 14 women, and all women who have been victims of violence. The following year, the federal government established December 6th as the national Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. Continue reading

Queridio Hijo


by Jessica Bonilla-Damptey

Originally posted on McMaster University’s Indigenous Undergraduate Summer Research Scholars blog.

Hello amig@s (friends),

My name is Jessica. I am one of 14 participants in the first ever Indigenous Undergraduate Summer Research Scholars Program at McMaster University. I am happily participating with the blog for the program. I want to let you know that I will be writing the blog as letters to my loved ones. This first letter is for my son.

Queridio Hijo,

When mamá leaves the house in the morning, after kissing you good-bye, I go to school. You are familiar with my school –McMaster University – and identify it as the place where you see your aunties and uncles; it is also where you always get some sort of new toy to play with (beaded corn, sticky brains, a little drum, sticky notes and McMaster pens), and, of course, candy (sometimes fruit) from every office we visit.

Since July 2 and until August 14 (6 weeks) I am participating in the Indigenous Undergraduate Summer Research Scholars (IUSRS) program. Some of your aunties/uncles are participating in this program too; now thanks to the program you have more aunties and uncles who are wonderful, loving, intelligent people who you can look up to and go to for support and wisdom when you need it. If you ever want to know about neuroscience, psychology, medical school, history, literature, social work, engineering, linguistics, etc., don’t worry, your aunties and uncles have you covered! Your aunties and uncles also help papá and I keep you grounded and nurture your spirit. They will show you how to have a good mind, to give thanks, about the Great Law of Peace, to be proud of who you are and be humble at the same time and so much more.

IUSRS_Mural Continue reading

Static Zine’s Feminist Heroes


by Aviva Cohen

Static Zine is a Toronto-based “mag(azine)” run on a DIY ethic by editor Jessica Lewis, managing editors Aviva Cohen and Melody Lamb, and a collective of storytellers from all over the world.

In honor of the Hamilton Zine Fair I wanted to write about feminist zine heroes so I chose four rad ladies who have helped change and shape zine culture. Some of you may know, some may be brand new to your brain but they have all been a huge influence from the 80s to present day.

Kathleen Hanna

“Kathleen Hanna is an American musician, feminist activist, and punk zine writer. In the early- to mid-1990s she was the lead singer of feminist punk band Bikini Kill, before fronting Le Tigre in the late 1990s and early 2000s.”

You probably know who Kathleen Hanna is and if you don’t, I recommend watching The Punk Singer, a documentary on one of the most badass ladies in music. Hanna was huge in the zine movement, publishing zines in the 80s! Her more well-known zines included Bikini Kill, a response to the sexism they saw in punk music and of course Riot Grrrl, a zine about feminism in the punk scene which spawned the Riot Grrrl movement.

Maggie MacDonald

Maggie MacDonald is a writer, playwright and musician from Toronto.

Before moving to Toronto and joining such bands as The Hidden Cameras, she was known for her fanzine Saucy.  The Hidden Cameras are probably one of the few bands that have a song and dance dedicated to make zines called “Fear of Failure: Ode To Zine Publishing.”

Other cool things about Maggie: she was a member of Barcelona Pavilion, ran in the 1999 provincial election with the NDP and released a number of awesome plays and books. Continue reading

Listening to Disclosures with McMaster Residence Life Staff


Last week SACHA got to hang out with McMaster Residence Life Staff and Welcome Week Reps to chat with them about supporting survivors.

We had a great discussion building on workshops that we led in August.

We had lots of links that we promised to share afterwards:

Nini kinatokea nikipiga simu SACHA kwa huduma ya masaa 24?


Mutli Language Service 4Most folks don’t know that SACHA’s 24 Hour Support Line is available in over 300 languages.

To help spread the word, we’re posting information on what happens when you call in a few languages over the next few weeks.

Swahili, also known as Kiswahili, is a Bantu language and the first language of the Swahili people. Around five to fifteen million people speak Swahili as their first language; it is also used as a common language between speakers whose native languages are different in much of Southeast Africa, including Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Jinsi yakupiga simu…

  • Kama unaweza tafuta eneo ukiwa peke yako kupigia simu.
  • Piga 905-525-4162.
  • Mwongozaji wa simu atapokea nakusema.”Karibu SACHA kituo cha msaada kwa wanaonyanyaswa kimapenzi.” Huyu sio mwajiriwa wa SACHA. Wapo pale kukuunganisha na mwajiriwa wa huduma za SACHA, na watakuuliza jina na namba yako ya simu.
  • Wakati mwongozaji atakapokuuliza jina unaweza mtajia jina lako la kwanza. Au jingine. Kama ni wewe tu ndio lazima upokee simu unaweza usipokee wakati mwingine.
  • Kama mwongozaji atakuuliza namba yako ya simu unaweza mpatia namba iliupigiwe simu na mtoa huduma wakujitolea, au kama huhitaji mkalimani, unaweza kusema huhitaji. Kama unahitaji mkalimani na huhitaji kutoa namba yako ya simu, tafadhali piga ofisi za SACHA kupitia nambari 905-525-4573, kati ya saa 3 asubuhi hadi saa 11 jioni kuanzia Jumatatu hadi Ijumaa.
  • Endapo simu yako imefungwa, tafadhali mwambie mwongozaji wa simu kuhusu hilo.
  • Mtoa huduma wa kujitolea mwenye ujuzi wa SACHA atakupigia simu ndani ya dakika kumi au mara tu amalizapo kupokea simu zake za awali. Atajitambulisha kwa jina lake la kwanza nakukufahamisha kuwa anatokea SACHA. Atajitolea kukueleza kuhusu sera zetu za usiri.

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HFZF Interview – Kat Verhoeven


Kat Verhoeven loves the hard reality of black ink and the flexibility of digital colours. Based in Toronto, she works as an illustrator and cartoonist, author of TOWERKIND (Conundrum Press) and currently working on the web comic Meat&Bone.

Tell us a little about yourself and your zines.

kw 4While I predominantly publish my own works, and work solo as writer/artist, I’m also part of a collective of cartoonists and illustrators called Friendship Edition. Jenn Woodall of the collective will also be at the fair!

My works focus on city stories,sometimes with a flair of supernatural, always with women leads. These are womens stories and struggles. I have one published book called “Towerkind” about a group of diverse kids in Toronto’s underprivileged St. Jamestown community, and an ongoing webcomic about eating disorders, poly dating and self confidence at meatandbonecomic.com Most of my work can be found at verwho.com! Continue reading

HFZF Zinester Interview – Heidi Cho


Tell us a little about yourself and your work.

My name is Heidi Cho, and I am 27 years old and I make zines! I identify as a 2nd generation queer South Korean person, which guides a lot of material I make. My zines are a combination of illustrations and writing that tackle themes around mental health, queerness, racism, family and generally navigating through the world as a queer person of colour.

You can check out my tumblr at heidicho.tumblr.com or my Instagram at instagram.com/heidichomakesart

heidi cho 4 Continue reading