HFZF Interview with Zinesters – Tara Bursey

Photo Credit - Elaine Banks - https://www.flickr.com/photos/peggylaine/

Photo Credit – Elaine Banks – https://www.flickr.com/photos/peggylaine/

eat to the beat

Tell us a little about yourself and your zine/project/distro, including website(s), etc…

I’ve been making zines for over half my life! The zines I do are pretty eclectic. One of my latest zines was a community cookbook where many of the folks I know in bands, working in record stores and DJs came together and submitted their favourite recipes, re-christening each recipe to include the name of a band or singer. Other examples of zines I’ve done are a zine of interviews with people I know about their experiences with museums, a zine about punk rock and creative practice and a dictionary of my mother’s Macedonian dialect in zine form. Before getting really immersed in the interview format, I did zines that were more art-based. My first zine Poseur Grrrl was the zine I made in high school– it was a cut-and-paste, feminist punk zine that lasted for 13 issues. Continue reading